Mitigation Methods of Sn Whisker Growth on Pure Sn Plating

순 Sn 도금에서의 Sn 휘스커 성장제어 기술

  • Published : 2013.06.30


Sn whiskers are one of the serious causes of the failure of electronics. Sn whiskers grow spontaneously from Sn-based, lead-free finished surfaces, even at room temperature. A primary factor of these Sn whiskers growth is compressive stress, which enhances the diffusion of Sn or other elements. The sources of compressive stress are the growth of non-uniform large intermetallic compounds along the interface between the Sn grain boundary and Cu substrate. Recent studies revealed the methods for reducing Sn whisker growth. This paper gives an overview about recent researches for mitigation methods of Sn whisker growth during nearly room temperature storage.


Sn whisker;Sn plating;Flash-coating;Grain size;Cu;Cu-Zn;Lead-free


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