Treatment of Wastewater Containing Ethanolamine in Secondary System of Nuclear Power Plant

Ethanolamine이 포함된 원자력발전소 2차계통 폐수처리

  • Lee, Han Chul (Plant Engineering Center, KHNP Central Research Institute)
  • 이한철 (한국수력원자력(주) 중앙연구원)
  • Published : 2013.02.10


ETA (ethanolamine), a pH control agent, has been used as an ammonia substitute in the secondary system of nuclear power plants since 2001. It is impossible to remove ETA from the wastewater treatment system in the nuclear power plant operating currently, because it is the non-biodegradable organics in terms of the environmental. The optimum process and chemicals for the removal of chemical oxygen demand (COD) & N with the field sample were investigated. More than 95% of Ammonium ions, contained much in wastewater, was removed with a diffused aeration system. COD could be removed over 90% through the process that includes the oxidation with mixed peroxidants (sodium persulfate/sodium percarbonate) followed by the physicochemical treatment with coagulants.


physicochemical treatment;ethanolamine;wastewater;nuclear power plant;COD


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