CCT Analysis of Power System Connected to DFIG Wind Turbine

DFIG 풍력터빈이 연계된 전력계통의 CCT 영향분석

  • Seo, Gyu-Seok (Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Koje College) ;
  • Park, Ji-Ho (Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Koje College)
  • 서규석 (거제대학교 선박전기과) ;
  • 박지호 (거제대학교 선박전기과)
  • Received : 2013.02.18
  • Accepted : 2013.05.09
  • Published : 2013.05.31


Wind generation systems are very different in nature from conventional generation systems. Therefore it is necessary to research dynamic characteristics of wind generation systems connected to a power system. The stability analysis of wind turbine generator is an important issue in the operation of the power system. The result of angular stability of the power system that consists of only synchronous generators is different from that of the power system including wind turbine generators. This is due to the fact that generators connected to wind turbines are generally induction generators. The angular stability assessing synchronization of generators is determined by its corresponding critical clearing time(CCT). Wind turbine models for the analysis of power system are varied and difficult to use, but now these are standardized into four types. In this paper, the analysis of the CCT of the power system connected to wind farm considering the location and capacity is performed by using DFIG(Doubly-Fed induction Generator) wind turbine built-in type3 model in PSS/E-32.


Wind Generation Systems;Angular Stability;Critical Clearing Time;DFIG


Supported by : 한국연구재단


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