Effects of Advertising depending upon Type of Advertising and Form of Advertising Model

  • Yang, Hoe-Chang (Department of Distribution Management, JangAn University) ;
  • Ahn, Ho-Keun (Department of Management, AnYang University) ;
  • Han, Sang-Ho (Department of Distribution Management, JangAn University)
  • Received : 2013.09.10
  • Accepted : 2013.11.14
  • Published : 2013.11.30


Purpose - This study investigated whether there are differences in advertising effects depending on the type of advertising, divided into public service announcements (PSA) and commercial advertisements, and the form of advertising model. Research Design, Data, and Methodology - By investigating the difference in advertising effects due to the type of advertising and form of advertising model, the study was expected to reveal the optimal advertisements for achieving the desired advertising effects. The subjects were Jangan University students in their first and second year, with 102 copies of the survey questionnaire received for analysis. Results - The findings were different for the celebrities, professionals, and CEOs, except for the PSA; further, they were different among celebrities, professionals and the other types of model, except CEO, in commercial advertising. Simple regression results showed that both the professionals and CEO models had a positive impact on the effect of advertising in the case of the PSA. Conclusion - These results suggested that appropriate selection of the form of advertising model is a very important factor. Conversely, it has been suggested that the celebrity model is the most effective, reflecting the trend for commercial advertisements.