A Comparative Study on Correlation Through Physiochemical Property Comparision of Livestock Liquid Fertilizer

가축분뇨 액비의 이화학적 특성비교를 통한 상관성 비교연구

  • Jeon, Sang-Joon (Dept. of Environmental Engineering, Sangji University) ;
  • Kim, Soo-Ryang (Dept. of Animal Life Resource, Sangji University) ;
  • Hong, In-Gi (Dept. of Environmental Engineering, Sangji University) ;
  • Kim, Ha-Je (Dept. of Environmental Engineering, Sangji University) ;
  • Kim, Dong-Gyun (Dept. of Animal Life Resource, Sangji University) ;
  • Lee, Myung-Gyu (Dept. of Environmental Engineering, Sangji University)
  • Received : 2013.10.24
  • Accepted : 2013.12.10
  • Published : 2013.12.30


Today, a desirable way to manage livestock manure is to activate its utilization as a resource. The production of high quality liquid fertilizer of livestock manure is very important because it increases the use of various liquid fertilizer. However, the result of mature evaluation with a maturity measuring instrument for liquid fertilizer showed that the deviation of concentration between liquid fertilizer did not bring into uniformity. The result is also making sure that quality management for liquid fertilizer is not smoothly made. Quality evaluation for compost and liquid fertilizer includes physical, biological, chemical and microbiological methods, but a chemical method is mainly being implemented due to fairness and field application. Therefore, this study figured out correlation in feces and urine through regression analysis of livestock manure and tried to create a research plan to carry out efficient quality analysis of managing livestock manure.


Grant : 가축 분뇨 액비 품질 인증체계 구축 연구

Supported by : 농촌진흥청


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