Ontology Version Control for Web Document Search

웹문서 검색을 위한 온톨로지 버전 제어

  • 김병곤 (부천대학교 e-비즈니스과)
  • Published : 2013.09.30


Ontology has an important role in semantic web to construct and query semantic data. When system make changes to ontologies, questions arise about versioning of these changes. Applying this changes on a dynamic environment is even more important. To apply these changes, change specification method is needed. Early studies show RDF-based syntax for the operations between old and new ontologies. When several ontology versions can be used for some query, if possible, using possible newest version ontology with prospective use is best way to process the query. Prospective use of ontology means using a newer version of an ontology with a data source that conforms to a more recent ontology. In this paper, for prospective use of ontology version, structure of change specification of class and property through several ontology versions is proposed. From this, efficient adaptive ontology version selection for a query can be possible. Algorithm for structure of version transition representation is proposed and simulation results show possible newest version number for queries.



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