A Study on Mobile Target Estimation Resolution using Effects of Model Errors and Sensitivity Analysis

  • Lee, Kwan Hyeong (Dept. Communcation Engineering Daejin University)
  • Received : 2013.01.11
  • Published : 2013.05.31


The antenna pattern in this case has a main beam pointed in the desired signal direction, and has a null in the direction of the interference.The conventional antenna pattern concepts of beam width, side lobes, and main beams are not used, as the antenna weights are designed to achieve a set performance criterion such as maximization of the output SNR.A new direction of arrival estimation method using effects of model errors and sensitivity analysis is proposed. Two subspaces are used to form a signal space whose phase shift between the reference signal and its effects of model error signal. Through simulation, the performance showed that the proposed method leads to increased resolution and improved accuracy of DOA estimation relative to those achieved with existing method. Since a desired signal is obtained after interference rejection through correction effects of model error, the effect of channel interference on the estimation is significantly reduced.


Model error;Sensitivity;Estimation;Resolution;MUSIC


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