Development and Implementation of Mobile APP for Marine Pollution Responder

해양오염 방제작업자를 위한 모바일 앱의 개발과 구현

  • 최종욱 (해양경찰청 해양오염방제국) ;
  • 김상운 (해양경찰청 해양오염방제국) ;
  • 김창균 (해양경찰청 해양오염방제국) ;
  • 이찬근 (해양경찰청 해양오염방제국) ;
  • 주영환 (해양경찰청 해양오염방제국)
  • Received : 2013.03.04
  • Accepted : 2013.08.28
  • Published : 2013.08.31


The objective of this paper is to introduce on a mobile APP called MAMIS(Marine pollution Accident response Mobile Information System) and it's functions. MAMIS was developed by Korea Coast Guard for marine pollution responder in 2012. Users can get information on marine pollution response easily without being restricted by time and place. MAMIS can be operated by smart phones with Android OS and iOS, both of which are the most popular mobile operating systems in Korea. And it has been developed in the form of hybrid APP which combined the functions of mobile APP and mobile WEB. MAMIS is composed of 9 menus, 5 mobile-based ones and 4 web-based ones. The mobile-based menus are on substance information, clean-up skills, response measures, QR code scanning, and volunteer's safety, and the web-based ones on weather information, response equipment, clean-up materials, and SNS.


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