Comparisons of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors and Sarcopenia-related Factors according to Physical Activity Levels in Basic Livelihood Security Recipients Elderly Women

기초생활보장수급 여성노인의 신체활동수준에 따른 심혈관질환 위험요인 및 근감소증 관련요인의 비교 분석

  • Received : 2013.07.25
  • Accepted : 2013.10.20
  • Published : 2013.10.28


The purpose of this study is to identify physical activity levels of the basic livelihood security recipients elderly women, to investigate relation between cardiovascular disease risk factors and sacrcopenia based on the levels, and to develop physical activity programs for healthy life of the elderly. The subjects of this study were 134 old females with $71{\pm}6.67$ years old who used senior centers in K-gu. The authors used the International Physical Activity Questionnaire for investigating the physical activity levels of the elderly, measuring their physical activity levels for seven days on average and classifying them into two groups, the Low Physical Activity (n=77) and the Moderate Physical Activity (n=57) groups based on the levels. Blood pressure, waist measurement, TC, HDL-C, LDL-C, TG, Glucose, and atherogenic index (AI) were measured as the cardiovascular disease risk factors; percent body fat, appendicular skeletal muscle mass, total muscle mass, and skeletal muscle index were measured as factors related to sarcopenia. Independent samples t-Test was conducted to analyze differences on the two groups based on the physical activity levels, with ${\alpha}=.05$ the as significance level. According to the results, HDL (p=.017) were higher and AI (p=.007) was lower; percent body fat (p=.008) was lower, and ASM (p=.000), total muscle mass (p=.000), and SMI (p=.001) were higher. In conclusion, moderate intensity physical activities rather than low intensity ones may have positive effects on the cardiovascular disease risk factors and sarcopenia levels, and participation in regular physical activities with at least moderate intensity by various methods may be needed for prevention of illness and healthy life of the elderly.


basic livelihood security recipients;elderly women;physical activity levels;cardiovascular disease risk factors;sarcopenia


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