An intelligent video security system for the tracking of multiple moving objects

복수의 동체 추적을 위한 지능형 영상보안 시스템

  • 김병철 (극동대학교 유비쿼터스IT학과)
  • Received : 2013.10.01
  • Accepted : 2013.10.20
  • Published : 2013.10.28


Due to the development and market expansion of image analysis and recognition technology, video security such as CCTV cameras and digital storage devices, are required for real-time monitoring systems and intelligent video security systems. This includes the development of more advanced technologies. A rotatable PTZ camera, in a CCTV camera system, has a zoom function so you can acquire a precise picture. However it can cause blind spots, and can not monitor two or more moving objects at the same time. This study concerns, the intelligent tracking of multiple moving objects, CCTV systems, and methods of video surveillance. An intelligent video surveillance system is proposed. It can accurately shoot broad areas and track multiple objects at the same time, much more effectively than using one fixed camera for an entire area or two or more PTZ cameras.


Video Security;Surveillance Cameras;CCTV System;Intelligent Moving Object Tracking;Tracking of Several Moving Objects