A Critique on Kim, Mandoo -Based on His Social Work Practice and Literatures-

김만두 비평 -그의 실천경험과 연구문헌 중심으로-

  • Received : 2013.09.30
  • Accepted : 2013.11.06
  • Published : 2013.11.30


This study aims to grasp a slice of development of Korean Social Welfare. For this study, a character critique has been conducted on Kim, Man-doo who had been superbly equiped by social work practice and study as well. The accomplished critique came from literature criticism is based on his social work practice and his literatures. Five and six themes have been elicited each from Kim's social work practice and his literatures. Through the association of those two kinds of themes has been finally reasoned out another five themes; emphasis on integrated approach, encompassment of social welfare from America and Japan, virtuous cycling formation of Social Welfare, paradigm shift of Social Welfare, and regrettable unfinished harmony of practice and study. In regards to the results, some subjects are discussed as follows; Kim's social work practice had been refined crossing the social welfare system, a slice of Korean social welfare in 1960-90s was exposed, children-based social work practice in 1960s had been practiced unitedly, and Korean Social Welfare in 1960-80s had been structured differently according to the scholars'inclination.


practice;study;character critique;Kim;Man-doo