Performance Improvement of Sensorless Control of IPMSM using Active Flux Concept by Improved Current Estimators

유효 자속 개념을 이용한 IPMSM 센서리스 제어의 전류 추정기에 의한 성능개선

Lee, Sung-Joon;Kim, Tae-Wan;Kim, Won-Seok;Kim, Marn-Go;Jung, Young-Seok

  • Received : 2013.09.12
  • Accepted : 2013.10.31
  • Published : 2013.12.20


In this paper, the performance improvement of the sensorless control of IPMSM employing the active flux concept by the improved current estimator is presented. The accuracy of the current estimator used in a previous report is degraded when the motor parameters are not known exactly. A simple current estimator derived from estimated flux is proposed to improve the position estimation performance. In order to show the usefulness of the proposed estimation method, the simulation results using Matlab/Simulink and the experiment results are presented.


active flux;IPMSM;sensorless control


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