Differences of Perceptions between Pre-service and In-service Elementary School Teachers on the Prevention and Intervention of School Violence

학교폭력의 예방 및 대책에 관한 교대생과 초등교사의 인식 비교

  • Received : 2012.07.31
  • Accepted : 2012.09.22
  • Published : 2012.09.30


The purpose of study was to analyze the differences of perceptions between pre-service and in-service elementary school teachers on the prevention and intervention of school violence. For this purpose, 459 student teachers and 289 in-service teachers has responded a questionnaire consisted of 12 core questions and 8 supplementary questions about the prevention and intervention of school violence. The findings of this study was as follows: First, in-service elementary school teachers perceived the problem of school violence more seriously than student teachers. Second, in-service elementary school teachers and student teachers perceived the lack of parents' concern of their children and the disturbed friendship as major causes to arouse school violence, and insisted to improve students' emotional self-control and social skills in order to prevent school violence. Third, in coping with students' violent behaviors they took the need to interview the student' parents and to invite them to meet each other halfway. Fourth, With government's comprehensive countermeasures against school violence they acknowledged the importance of policy alternatives but made doubt of their effectiveness. Finally, both in-service elementary school teachers and student teachers approved of a plan to assign the required subject of 'Prevention and Intervention of School Violence' to the student teachers, particularly student teachers approved more positively than in-service elementary school teachers.


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