Effects of Participation in Sports for All on the Formation of Social Capital

생활체육 참여가 사회자본 형성에 주는 영향의 실증적 분석

  • Received : 2012.04.04
  • Accepted : 2012.10.25
  • Published : 2012.12.01


This study is to analyze the effect of participation in sports for all on the formation of social capital. For this purpose, this study used convenience sampling method with the 150 subjects who participated Sports for All in Seoul and Gyeonggi area. and selected 150 questionnaires excluding 30 unsuitable for the data. For data analysis was made by SPSS 17.0, performing exploratory factor analysis, reliability analysis, correlation analysis and multiple regression model. This analysis reveals that (1) participation eagerness in sports for all influence on influence on the formation of social capital.(social capital consist of information sharing, norms, trust, network) (2) participation period of time and participation frequency in sports for all don't influence on on the formation of social capital. (3) socioeconomic background don't influence on the formation of social capital. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the eagerness in sports for all.


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