Real-Time Implementation of Shunt Active Filter P-Q Control Strategy for Mitigation of Harmonics with Different Fuzzy M.F.s

Mikkili, Suresh;Panda, Anup Kumar

  • Received : 2012.02.15
  • Published : 2012.09.20


This research article presents a novel approach based on an instantaneous active and reactive power component (p-q) theory for generating reference currents for shunt active filter (SHAF). Three-phase reference current waveforms generated by proposed scheme are tracked by the three-phase voltage source converter in a hysteresis band control scheme. The performance of the SHAF using the p-q control strategy has been evaluated under various source conditions. The performance of the proposed control strategy has been evaluated in terms of harmonic mitigation and DC link voltage regulation. In order to maintain DC link voltage constant and to generate the compensating reference currents, we have developed Fuzzy logic controller with different (Trapezoidal, Triangular and Gaussian) fuzzy M.F.s. The proposed SHAF with different fuzzy M.F.s is able to eliminate the uncertainty in the system and SHAF gains outstanding compensation abilities. The detailed simulation results using MATLAB/SIMULINK software are presented to support the feasibility of proposed control strategy. To validate the proposed approach, the system is also implemented on a real time digital simulator and adequate results are reported for its verifications.


Different fuzzy M.F.s (Trapezoidal, Triangular and Gaussian M.F's);Fuzzy logic Controller;Harmonic compensation;P-Q control strategy;Shunt active filter


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