Smart Design for App

스마트한 앱 설계방법

  • 궁상환 (백석대학교 정보통신학부)
  • Received : 2012.07.03
  • Accepted : 2012.07.21
  • Published : 2012.07.31


The paper describes the efficient and agile design methodology for the smart phone application, so called the App. Despite the number of smart phones as well as their applications is rapidly being increased recently, the smart and easy methodology for App development is not well developed and not matured in use yet. Since the App is converted to programs or contents from the new ideas, especially, it is important to design and implement the App rapidly and systematically. In order to resolve this problem, we adopt the UI centered approach first of all, emphasizing user-efficient utilization of applications. And we also try to build the whole process in streamlined procedure, making each step reasonable, and the input and output for the step well organized. The design methodology described here is evaluated by designing popular sample application, Scheduler, and also compared with some well-known software design methodologies.


App Design Methodology;Software Design;App;Smart Phone;User Interface