A Study on the Actual State and the Cultivating Policies of the Package SW Industry

국산 패키지SW산업 실태와 육성방안

  • Received : 2012.07.01
  • Accepted : 2012.07.22
  • Published : 2012.07.31


The SW market has greatly growing up according as rapid progressing of the smart fusion, nowadays. But, the portion of Korea in the global SW market is no more than 2.2%. Especially, the portion of Korea's package SW is very much fragile than it of the global companies and lower than it of embedded SW in Korea. It is caused by weak competitiveness of Korea's package SW and the politic support of government is fainter than it of other SW kinds. So, this article will grasp the actual state of domestic package SW industry through data and case study, drew the improving problems of the package SW policy, and propose the cultivating policies of the package SW.


SW;Package SW;Domestic Package SW;MS Office;Hancom Office;Ez-Photo;Cultivating Policies of the Package SW