A study of inpatient satisfaction levels at general hospitals

일 지역 상급종합병원 입원환자의 만족도 연구

  • Jung, Sang-Jin (Department of Health Administration, Gwangju Health College University)
  • 정상진 (광주보건대학교 보건행정과)
  • Received : 2012.03.28
  • Accepted : 2012.07.12
  • Published : 2012.07.31


This study provides fundamental data in order to obtain improved medical services and competitiveness by analyzing the satisfaction level of patients receiving inpatient services at general hospitals. Data from self-administered surveys distributed to inpatient subjects at local general hospitals was collected from 09/19/2011 to 09/30/2011. Firstly, the results of 320 surveys show that the average level of satisfaction from inpatient services was 3.25 (maximum 4.0). Secondly, the results from general characteristics and satisfaction from medical care provider services showed that there is a statistical significance regarding medical treatment, health condition, the number of times admitted to the hospital, and hospital environment including hospital admittance/release proceeders. Also the satisfaction with other services is statistically significant with regards to age, medical treatment, health condition, and the number of times admitted to the hospital. Thirdly, there is a statistically significant positive correlation between inpatient services and levels of satisfaction. Finally, from the analysis of factors influencing inpatient satisfaction showed that physician services and other services significantly affect satisfaction. In conclusion, in order to increase inpatient levels of satisfaction the workforce involved medical treatment of patients need to be retained and a variety of programs need to be in operation that will satisfy patients while they stay in the hospital. Further research is expected.


General Hospital;Inpatient;Satisfaction;Physician Evaluation;Nurse Evaluation


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