Characteristics of Highschool Students about Choosing a University

고교생들의 대학진학선택에 대한 특성

  • Roh, Hyo-Lyun (Department of Occupational Therapy, Kangwon National University)
  • 노효련 (강원대학교 작업치료학과)
  • Received : 2012.04.24
  • Accepted : 2012.07.12
  • Published : 2012.07.31


The objective of this paper is to understand the characteristics of highschool students in selecting a career. The subject included 750 students from, who became a university student in 2011. The most of number of students answered that they applied to 3 to 4 universities and they decided their major and university on their last year of high school. Many placed weight on the major rather than the school. Among types of selecting career, family-type received the most voted. In selecting a major, the most answered that they consider their aptitude and then career opportunity. Most students said they were equipped with information and knowledge about the major they applied for beforehand. In selecting a university, many mainly applied for the ones with the highest chance of getting accepted. Many said they learned of the university from their high school/teacher or through the internet. A very few answered that they learned of the university through media such as TV/radio and newspaper. Therefore, appropriate information should be provided to the ones who have the greatest influence on students in selecting a career, family. Also, universities need to develop a promotion strategy that utilizes high schools as well as the internet and smartsphones.


Major;Selecting career;University student


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