• Golbasi, Oznur (Department of Mathematics Faculty of Science Cumhuriyet University) ;
  • Oguz, Seda (Department of Secondary School Science and Mathematics Education Faculty of Education Cumhuriyet University)
  • Received : 2011.01.10
  • Published : 2012.07.31


Let R be a prime ring with center Z and characteristic different from two, U a nonzero Lie ideal of R such that $u^2{\in}U$ for all $u{\in}U$ and $d$ be a nonzero (${\sigma}$, ${\tau}$)-derivation of R. We prove the following results: (i) If $[d(u),u]_{{\sigma},{\tau}}$ = 0 or $[d(u),u]_{{\sigma},{\tau}}{\in}C_{{\sigma},{\tau}}$ for all $u{\in}U$, then $U{\subseteq}Z$. (ii) If $a{\in}R$ and $[d(u),a]_{{\sigma},{\tau}}$ = 0 for all $u{\in}U$, then $U{\subseteq}Z$ or $a{\in}Z$. (iii) If $d([u,v])={\pm}[u,v]_{{\sigma},{\tau}}$ for all $u{\in}U$, then $U{\subseteq}Z$.


Supported by : Cumhuriyet University


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