A Study of Loadings of Neck Muscles when Bent Backward

위보기 작업 시 EMG를 이용한 목 근육의 부하 평가

  • Lee, Kwan-Suk (Department of Industrial Engineering, Hongik University) ;
  • Park, Ju-Won (Department of Industrial Engineering, Hongik University)
  • 이관석 (홍익대학교 산업공학과) ;
  • 박주원 (홍익대학교 산업공학과)
  • Received : 2011.11.24
  • Accepted : 2012.02.01
  • Published : 2012.02.29


Workers who work with his neck bent backward in the standing posture have often complained of their musculoskeletal stress. The objective of this study was to find how much stress there was for workers who worked with their neck bent backward. The subjective evaluation and electromyography(EMG) were used to check the level of the stress. It was found that all subjects felt extreme pain after working with the neck bent backward and alternating 1 minute work and 0.5 minute rest for 30 minutes. The EMG level(amplitude) of neck muscles increased 80 percent on the average and the center frequency of EMG shifted to the lower frequency level which indicated fatigue of neck muscles. Thus, the intervention of this musculoskeletal stress is strongly recommended.


Supported by : 홍익대학교


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