Effect of Simultaneous K and Ca Application to Paddy Soil on the Uptake of Radiocaesium and Radiostrontium by Rice

논토양에 대한 K와 Ca의 동시처리가 벼의 Radiocaesium과 Radiostrontium 흡수에 미치는 영향

  • Received : 2012.03.20
  • Accepted : 2012.05.10
  • Published : 2012.06.30


A radio-tracer experiment was performed in a greenhouse to investigate the effectiveness of the simultaneous application of K and Ca as a countermeasure for reducing the radiocaesium and radiostrontium uptake by rice. Paddy soil (loam of pH 6.5) in soil boxes was spiked with $^{137}Cs$ and $^{85}Sr$, and treated with K and Ca in the forms of KCl and $Ca(OH)_2$, respectively, at agrochemical grades before transplanting. For the seeds of the control plants, soil-to-plant transfer factors (TF, $m^2\;kg^{-1}-dry$) of $^{137}Cs$ and $^{85}Sr$ were $7.4{\times}10^{-5}$ and $2.1{\times}10^{-4}$, respectively, whereas the corresponding values for the straws were $2.6{\times}10^{-4}$ and $2.2{\times}10^{-2}$, respectively. The TF values of $^{137}Cs$ and $^{85}Sr$ kept decreasing as the level of the simultaneous application of K and Ca (K/Ca, $g\;m^{-2}$) increased up to 33.6/322 and 48.0/460, respectively. The maximum rate of the decrease was around 60% for both radionuclides. Nearly 60% reduction in the TF value of $^{85}Sr$ was observed even at the dosage of 33.6/322, which was considered the optimum dosage based on crop productivity as well as reduction in the radiocaesium and radiostrontium uptake by rice. The optimum dosage may depend on various factors so further experiments need to be made for many different conditions.


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