Effect of Coating Layer on Electrode Life for Resistance Spot Welding of Al-Coated Hpf and Zn-Coated Trip Steels

Al 도금 HPF 강판과 전기아연도금 TRIP 강판의 저항 점 용접 시 연속타점 전극의 수명에 미치는 도금층의 영향

  • 손종우 (한창엔지니어링) ;
  • 서종덕 (주식회사 신영) ;
  • 김동철 (한국생산기술연구원 용접 접합연구부) ;
  • 박영도 (동의대학교 공과대학 신소재공학과)
  • Received : 2012.02.09
  • Accepted : 2012.02.24
  • Published : 2012.02.29


The resistance spot welding of high strength steel degrades the weldability because of its high strength with rich chemical composition and coating layer to protect from corrosion. During the each resistance welding process the electrodes tip reacts with coating layer, then subsequently deteriorates and shorten electrode life. In this study, the Al-coated HPF (Hot Press Forming) steels and Zn-coated TRIP steels were used to investigate the electrode life for resistance spot welding. Experimental results show that the reactivity of Al-coating on HPF steels to electrode tip surface behaviors different from the conventional Zn-coated high strength steels. The electrode tip diameter and nugget size in electrode life test of Al-coated HPF steels are observed to be constant with respect to weld numbers. For Al-coated HPF steels, the hard aluminum oxide layer being formed during high temperature heat treatment process reduces reactivity with copper electrode during the resistance welding process. Eventually, the electrode life in resistance spot welding of Al-coated HPF steels has the advantage over the galvanized steel sheets.


spot weld;electrode life;high strength steel;hot press forming steel;coating layer


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