Sound Quality Evaluation for Laundry Noise by a Virtual Laundry Noise Considering the Effect of Various Noise Sources in a Drum Washing Machine

소음원의 영향이 고려된 가상 세탁음 제작을 통한 드럼 세탁기의 음질 인덱스 구축

  • 정재은 (한양대학교 대학원 기계공학과) ;
  • 양인형 (한양대학교 대학원 기계공학과) ;
  • 누룰 파와지 (한양대학교 대학원 기계공학과) ;
  • 정운창 (한양대학교 대학원 기계공학과) ;
  • 이정윤 (경기대학교 기계시스템공학과) ;
  • 오재응 (한양대학교 기계공학부)
  • Received : 2012.04.06
  • Accepted : 2012.05.29
  • Published : 2012.06.20


The objective of this study is to determine the effect for the sound quality according to the noise source and to build the sound quality index of the laundry noise. In order to compare laundry noise among the influence of noise sources, we made virtual laundry noises by synthesizing an actual laundry noise and each noise source such as a dropping noise, water noise, motor noise and circulation pump noise. We conducted a listening test by customers using virtual laundry noises. As a result of listening test, we found that the dropping noise has a decisive effect on the sound quality of the laundry noise. We conducted the multi regression analysis of sound quality for the laundry noise using the statistical data processing. It is verified to the reliability of the multi regression index by comparison with listening results and index results of other actual laundry noises. This study is expected to provide a guide line for improvement of the laundry noise.


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