• Ouyang, Lunqun
  • Received : 2010.11.08
  • Published : 2012.07.01


Let $R$ be a ring and $nil(R)$ the set of all nilpotent elements of $R$. For a subset $X$ of a ring $R$, we define $N_R(X)=\{a{\in}R{\mid}xa{\in}nil(R)$ for all $x{\in}X$}, which is called a weak annihilator of $X$ in $R$. $A$ ring $R$ is called weak zip provided that for any subset $X$ of $R$, if $N_R(Y){\subseteq}nil(R)$, then there exists a finite subset $Y{\subseteq}X$ such that $N_R(Y){\subseteq}nil(R)$, and a ring $R$ is called weak symmetric if $abc{\in}nil(R){\Rightarrow}acb{\in}nil(R)$ for all a, b, $c{\in}R$. It is shown that a generalized power series ring $[[R^{S,{\leq}}]]$ is weak zip (resp. weak symmetric) if and only if $R$ is weak zip (resp. weak symmetric) under some additional conditions. Also we describe all weak associated primes of the generalized power series ring $[[R^{S,{\leq}}]]$ in terms of all weak associated primes of $R$ in a very straightforward way.


weak annihilator;weak associated prime;generalized power series


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