Application in Conductive Filler by Low-Temperature Densification and Synthesis of Core-Shell Structure Powder for Prevention from Copper Oxidation

구리 산화 방지를 위한 Core-Shell 구조 입자 합성과 저온 치밀화를 통한 도전성 필러 응용

  • Published : 2012.12.10


Recently, it has been increasing trend to use conductive materials as electronics and communication technology in electronics industry are developing. The noble metal such as Ag, Pt, Pd etc. are mostly used as conductive materials, To reduce production cost, alternative materials with similar characteristics of noble metals are needed. Copper has advantages, i.e its electronic properties are similar to noble metals and low cost than noble metal, but its use has been restricted because of oxidation in air. In this study, the tin film was coated on copper by electroless plating to protect copper from oxidation and to confirm the effects of temperature, pH, amount of $SnCl_2$, and feeding speed in plating conditions. Additionally, we apply $Cu_{core}Sn_{shell}$ powder as conductive filler with low-temperature densification and analysis by SEM, XRD, FIB and 4-Point Probe techniques. As result of the study, tin film was coated well on copper and was protected from oxidation. After low-temperature densification treatment, the meted tin made chemical interconnections with copper. Accordingly, conductivity was increased than before condition. We hope $Cu_{core}Sn_{shell}$ powder to replace noble metals and use in the electronic field.


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