The Environmental-Friendly Clothing Consumption Behavior of Middle and High School Students in Seoul

서울지역 중.고등학생의 환경친화적 의복 소비행동

  • Kim, Ji-Ye (The Graduate School of Education, Dongguk Univ.) ;
  • Shin, Hye-Won (Dept. of Home Economics Education, Dongguk Univ.)
  • 김지예 (동국대학교 교육대학원 가정교육전공) ;
  • 신혜원 (동국대학교 사범대학 가정교육과)
  • Received : 2012.01.16
  • Accepted : 2012.02.24
  • Published : 2012.03.31


The goal of this research is to determine the variables which influence adolescents' environmental-friendly clothing consumption behaviors. A questionnaire was prepared to survey 768 students in 8 different middle and high schools throughout Seoul. The results of the studies are as follows; First, the experiences in environmental activities were higher than the average. Second, the level of environmental-friendly values was found to be higher than the average. Among the values, environmental-preservation scored the highest, whereas selfishness scored the lowest. Third, adolescents have the strongest desire to express their individuality by means of clothing, which includes comfortableness, price, fashion, and brand. Fourth, the environmental-friendly clothing consumption awareness was average. In this field's subcategory, disposal awareness was above the average. But when buying clothes, the awareness of environmental problems was lower than the common level. Fifth, adolescents were lower in environmental-friendly clothing consumption behavior than the common level. In the subcategory, using behavior and disposal behavior were on the average, but buying behavior was executed in an anti-eco-friendly manner. Sixth, adolescents' price pursuit and clothing disposal consciousness were important factors of environmental-friendly clothing consumption behavior.