A Study on the Dynamics of the Local Government Finance in Accordance with the Aging Population

고령화에 따른 지방재정의 동태성 분석

  • 최남희 ((국립)한국교통대학교 행정정보학과)
  • Published : 2012.12.31


This paper aims at investigating the dynamics between aging population and local finance. In recent years, the aging rate has been accelerating the pace. The trend implies that Korea is moving towards the aging society, presumably, with unprecedented speed in the world. Aging society's biggest problems are centered around the explosive growth of the financial needs. In particular, these problems are apt to appear more seriously in local governments, as most of them are confronted with high level of aging population and poor financial bases. Firstly, it analyzes how the population structure in the local government impacts local finance, income and expenditure. Based upon in-depth literature reviews, this study examines variables related to aging population and local fiance. Secondly, it focuses on a series of positive and negative feedback loops which would reveal the essence of the mutual interaction structure between aging population and local governments' fiscal behaviors.


Supported by : (국립)한국교통대학교