Damage detection from the variation of parameter matrices estimated by incomplete FRF data

  • Received : 2010.12.17
  • Accepted : 2011.12.20
  • Published : 2012.01.25


It is not easy to experimentally obtain the FRF (Frequency Response Function) matrix corresponding to a full set of DOFs (degrees of freedom) for a dynamic system. Utilizing FRF data measured at specific positions, with DOFs less than that of the system, as constraints to describe a damaged system, this study identifies parameter matrices such as mass, stiffness and damping matrices of the system, and provides a damage identification method from their variations. The proposed parameter identification method is compared to Lee and Kim's method and Fritzen's method. The validity of the proposed damage identification method is illustrated in a simple dynamic system.


frequency response function;dynamic stiffness matrix;receptance;damping matrix;minimization


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Supported by : National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF)