A Conjunction of Folklife and Archival Science : New Dimension for Folklife Archival Science

민속과 기록의 만남, '민속기록학'을 제창한다

  • Published : 2012.10.30


Folklife archival science(folklife: Folklore is generally used in Engish-speaking countries but it has a strong meaning as remnants of former times. That's why I am useing the term-folklife instead of folklore in this paper. I think folklife is more appropriate term for expressing studies on daily life culture and also my intention to unite the both word in this paper) is a new academic movement, I propose, which is intended on convergence of advantage of folklife and archival science. In other words, taking advantage of the two branches of study(folklife, archival science), it becomes a practical studies which systematically organize records, preservations and application on living culture in any community. It demonstrate deeply on archiving and archive and It conducts a probe into records, preservations and applications. It is a method of technical study in order to record communities like village, rural society and modern city. In the mean time, there is no well defined and established methodology for archival science and for folk-area or community archiving. And therefore, It needs a research methodology in a folklife. In the other hand, there is a lack of a theoretical basis, methodological strategy and clear vision over folklife and field survey or method of survey. Therefore, converging advatage of the two studies(folklife, archival science), we can combine professionalism of community archiving and methodological strategy together.