Extinguishing Characteristics of Zeolite adsorbed Dry Chemical Powder

분말 소화약제가 흡착된 제올라이트의 소화 특성

  • Received : 2012.04.19
  • Accepted : 2012.11.19
  • Published : 2012.12.31


The use of dry chemical powder has been increased as it can be stored for a long period and sustain in stable condition compared to gas or liquid phase extinguishing agents. A new type of dry chemical powder using Zeolite was produced in the research. Chemical powder was adsorbed into Zeolite 13X, a porous material appearing negative catalytic effect, to create extinguishing powder obtaining core shell structure and measured physical properties and run a small scale fire extinguishment. SEM, XRD, TA analysis was also executed, and extinguishing characteristics were measured by fire extinguishing experiment on oil pool fire. The experiment showed that the average particle size of Zeolite 13X was equivalent, indicating about $3{\pm}1{\mu}m$ and thermal analysis result illustrated that Zeolite 13X showed exothermic reaction peaks at $900^{\circ}C$ due to solid-state transformation. Extinguishing characteristics on oil fire of $NaHCO_3$/Zeolite 13X and $NH_4H_2PO_4$/Zeolite were improved, influenced by adsorbed extinguishing powders on Zeolite 13X and Zeolite 13X that contains high phase transition temperature.


dry chemical powder;zeolite 13X;extinguishing agents;extinguishing powder


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