A Study on the Factors influencing Teachers' Intervention Efficacy for Helping Victims and Offenders of School Violence -Focused on Double Mediators by Using Nonlinear Analysis-

학교폭력 가해.피해학생을 위한 교사의 원조개입효능감에 영향을 주는 요인에 대한 연구 -비선형 분석을 이용한 다중매개검증을 중심으로-

  • Received : 2011.09.16
  • Accepted : 2011.11.29
  • Published : 2012.02.29


The predominant concern of the study consist in: (1) the direct effect of social commitment on teachers' intervention efficacy for helping both victims and offenders in school violence situation; (2) the indirect effects of both teachers' perceptions of offenders and victims, and fairness of school regulations on teachers' intervention efficacy. Research is based on a survey conducted with 351 teachers(84 males and 267 females) from 10 middle schools located in different districts of the city of Daegu. In order for subjects to verify research questions, structural equation models in teachers' intervention efficacy for helping both victims and offenders were explored. In order to verify the difference between mediators' effect, along with total indirect effect and each individual mediator's effects, bias-corrected bootstrapping analysis by using Mplus were employed. The major findings of the study supported the significance on direct effect of social commitment, and indirect effect of both fairness of school regulations and teachers' perceptions toward offenders and victims, on teachers' intervention efficacy. However, the indirect effect of fairness of school regulations(.025) was far outweighed by teachers' perceptions(.224) toward offenders and victims. In conclusion, the above findings claim our attention in that they provide a range of practical implications for teachers and other related professionals including school workers who are engaged in helping out both victims and offenders in school violence situation.


school violence;teachers' efficacy;social commitment;fairness of school regulations;teachers' perceptions;offender;victim;intervention