On the Design Characteristics of Ornaments in the Three Kingdom Period (Focused on Baekje's ornaments)

삼국시대 장신구에 나타난 조형적 특징에 관한연구 (백제장신구를 중심으로)

  • Received : 2012.10.30
  • Accepted : 2012.11.30
  • Published : 2012.12.31


When it comes to a country's traditional ideas. that country's geographic setting and religious thought show the people's consciousness, and the characteristics of historic sites and relics show their cultural aspects. Our country has 5000-year cultural history. Especially, the Baekje cultural history created very remarkable relics in our history. With regard to Baekje's own patterns and workmanship, their ornaments were more focused on the beauty of soft and voluptuous curves than that of Goguryeo and Silla This study researched design characteristics of ornaments and symbolic aspects of the patterns by focusing on crowns, crowns' accessories, earrings, necklaces, chignon ornaments of the Baekje's ornaments, To put emphasis on Baekje's ornaments by comparing Baekje's ornaments with Goguryeo's and Silla's. This study collected data on Baekje's ornaments, and reviewed domestic references and specialty publications at the Buyeo National Museum, Gong-ju National Museum, home and abroad, and studied the images of Baekje's metal crafts and patterns through theses. Baekje had splendid and glorious artistic culture, but there are not many historical data and supportive relics left these days. Therefore, a lot of attention, researches and development on Baekje culture are needed. This study found that the ornaments of the Baekje era have not only ornament functions but also the people's creative mind. The culture contents in recent technological development and industrialization change people's recognition, and now they have interest in Baekje culture. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to widely popularize Baekje by studying the patterns of the Baekje era more and developing various and new designs.