A Study Of Design With Application On Of Gem Cutting Technique

보석 컷팅디자인을 활용한 보석산업활성화에 관한 연구

  • Received : 2012.10.22
  • Accepted : 2012.11.20
  • Published : 2012.11.30


In parallel with advancement of the industrial society and accompanied quality-of-life improvement, jewelry is now rather viewed as one of common accessories used in daily life, than as a luxurious item as treated before change of perception about it in the past, attracting thus gradually multiplying demand for it. Thanks to rapid spread of multi media like the Internet, an increasing number of people have come to develop great liking for exceptional design and unique format of jewelry products. Following drain of their reserves, natural gems are unlikely to meet the demand for them fully in the future. As a consequence, it seems essential to rely on synthetic, artificial, imitation jewelry or organic substances and quasi-mineral in amorphous structure for substitute jewelry. Since synthetic jewelry has such a great potential as substitute jewelry, it is expected to maximize added value to jewelry if and when accompanied with development of creative design and upgrading of processing technology for jewelry, in addition to various types of synthetic jewelry and glass that have been already put in use as substitute substances. Synthetic jewelry is thus believed to be able to greatly contribute to progress of the jewelry industry. In many countries of the world, jewelry and gem industry has been regarded as one of promising sectors vital in enriching the national wealth. In this context, the Korean Ministry of Finance and Economy announced in July 2007 "an activating policy for the jewelry and gem industry, declaring to cultivate and grow it to be new engine for the nation's growth". The present paper thus aims to conduct a study exclusively on cutting design of synthetic jewelry as a part of measures to activate the jewelry industry in Korea. Efforts are made to develop designs for jewelry that are unique and different from the conventional stereotyped form of polishing and are added with color, pattern and fashionable cutting. Priority is given in this regard to designing jewelry that may attract general public and may be shared by public beyond the limit of conventional design for jewelry and producing products that stand in contrast with other products. By upgrading the quality of jewelry design, competitiveness of the jewelry industry may be ensured and the creative area of jewelry design may be expanded by far.