A Interval Distance Calculation and Forward Collision Warning Algorithm for Vehicle Safety Communications on a Highway

고속도로에서 차량 안전 통신을 위한 거리 계산과 전방충돌사고경보 알고리즘

  • 오상엽 (가천대학교 IT 대학 인터랙티브미디어)
  • Received : 2012.10.08
  • Accepted : 2012.11.07
  • Published : 2012.11.30


Various forward collision warning algorithms have studied in order to protect a car accident. For this, in general, algorithms using an external device such as a camera and sensor generate a forward collision warning. However, if using the external device, it can occur errors due to device characteristics when there is rain or fog. Also, the prevention of a chain-reaction collision is insufficient because the system generates a warning in case of only vehicle having a forward collision danger. If it combines the vehicle safety communications, the method becomes a solution to protect a chain-reaction collision. So, In this paper, we proposes a improved forward collision warning algorithm using the wireless communication technique, driver's information, breaking distance, and velocity. And we compare and analyze our algorithm and previous algorithms.


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