Efficient Sample Digestion Method for Uranium Determination in Soil using Microwave Digestion for Alpha Spectrometry

마이크로파 용해장치를 활용한 토양 중 우라늄의 알파분광분석법

  • 김창종 (과학기술연합대학원대학교) ;
  • 조윤해 (과학기술연합대학원대학교) ;
  • 김대지 (과학기술연합대학원대학교) ;
  • 채정석 (한국원자력안전기술원) ;
  • 윤주용 (과학기술연합대학원대학교)
  • Received : 2012.11.12
  • Accepted : 2012.12.06
  • Published : 2012.12.31


Alpha spectrometry has been typically used for determination of the uranium isotopes in soil. For a number of uranium analysis in soil samples, rapid sample digestion with limited quantities of mixed acid containing HF will give a contribution for effective management of uranium analysis. Microwave digestion system is evaluated for rapid sample digestion using reference uranium soil (IAEA-375 soil). For completion of 0.5 g of soil digestion by microwave, 3 ml of HF in a 10 ml of mixed acid is minimum requirement volume for completed soil digestion for 80 minutes. Microwave digestion is timely effective techniques for uranium measurement using alpha spectrometry compared to the other methods (open vessel digestion, closed vessel digestion) due to rapid sample digestion. In addition, it can be reduced the occurrence of hazardous substances by minimizing the amount of HF.


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