The Relationship between Self-esteem and Mental Health of College Student in Some Regions

일부지역 대학생들의 자아존중감과 정신건강간의 관계

  • Yu, Eun-Yeong (Department of Health Administration, Gwangju Health College University) ;
  • Yoon, Chi-Keun (Department of Health Administration, Wonkwang University) ;
  • Yang, Yu-Jeong (Department of Medicine Management, Chodang University)
  • 유은영 (광주보건대학 보건행정과) ;
  • 윤치근 (원광대학교 보건행정학과) ;
  • 양유정 (초당대학교 의약관리학과)
  • Received : 2011.10.31
  • Accepted : 2012.01.05
  • Published : 2012.01.31


This study investigates the relationship between self-esteem and mental health of college students. The data collected is to be utilized to promote effect methods of education and consultation that will improve the self-esteem and mental health of college students. There were a total of 468 questionnaires were distributed and collected from 2 universities and 3 community colleges between October 2nd and December 2nd 2010. The results of data analysis were as follows: First, there were no significant differences in the relationships between general characteristics and the perceptual self, the evaluative self, and self-esteem. Second, there were significant differences in the relationship between general characteristics and mental health according to economic situation, the year of entering college, satisfaction with your department, relationship with fellow classmates, and health status with regards to low mental health. Third, there was a partial correlation between perceptual self, evaluative self, and self-esteem. Perceptual self, evaluative self, and self-esteem were inversely related to obsessive compulsiveness, hostility, interpersonal sensitivity, physical, anxiety, delusional disorder, and psychosis. In conclusion, the results of this study would be used as the foundation for improving the self-esteem of college students and easing mental health with the development and implementation of a formal education program. It is also recognized that follow studies should be conducted to understand additional effects.


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