• Received : 2011.04.27
  • Published : 2012.03.01


Let G be a group. Let R be a G-graded commutative ring with identity and M be a G-graded multiplication module over R. A proper graded submodule Q of M is semiprime if whenever $I^nK{\subseteq}Q$, where $I{\subseteq}h(R)$, n is a positive integer, and $K{\subseteq}h(M)$, then $IK{\subseteq}Q$. We characterize semiprime submodules of M. For example, we show that a proper graded submodule Q of M is semiprime if and only if grad$(Q){\cap}h(M)=Q+{\cap}h(M)$. Furthermore if M is finitely generated then we prove that every proper graded submodule of M is contained in a graded semiprime submodule of M. A proper graded submodule Q of M is said to be almost semiprime if (grad(Q)$\cap$h(M))n(grad$(0_M){\cap}h(M)$) = (Q$\cap$h(M))n(grad$(0_M){\cap}Q{\cap}h(M)$). Let K, Q be graded submodules of M. If K and Q are almost semiprime in M such that Q + K $\neq$ M and $Q{\cap}K{\subseteq}M_g$ for all $g{\in}G$, then we prove that Q + K is almost semiprime in M.


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