New earthworm species from NIBR's Jeju-do biosphere compared to historical and new Japanese types (Oligochaeta: Megadrilacea: Megascolecidae)

  • Blakemore, Robert J. (National Institute of Biological Resources (NIBR))
  • Received : 2012.07.20
  • Accepted : 2012.08.24
  • Published : 2012.08.30


Amynthas tralfamadore sp. nov. is described from the Mt Halla, Jeju Island biosphere exhibition housed at NIBR Incheon. This species' taxonomy is problematical since it is similar to Amynthas masatakae (Beddard, 1892) from Japan, itself previously reported from Korea and at one time associated with Amynthas campestris (Goto & Hatai, 1898) and A. parvicystis (Goto & Hatai, 1899), all three variously implicated in prior A. robustus (Perrier, 1872) along with Amynthas aspergillum (Perrier, 1872). Based on reinspection of the London lectotype of A. masatakae-here designated and sketched for the first time-the current solution is for maintenance of all five taxa separately. A closely-related Japanese species-Metaphire ryunome sp. nov.-is comparable to Korean Metaphire reisuiensis (Kobayashi, 1938) comb. nov. Another specimen was identified as Amynthas micronarius (Goto & Hatai, 1898), a new record for Korea. It matches the newly-designated neotype (Tokyo NMST An446) and an annotated synonymy is provided; however, erstwhile synonyms, Amynthas shimaensis (Goto & Hatai, 1899) and A. yamizoyamensis (Ohfuchi, 1935) combs. novae, are briefly redescribed and provisionally restored to the Japanese list. mtDNA COI-5P barcode analyses support species identifications.


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