Numerical Analysis on the Characteristics of Temperature Distribution in an Active Regeneration DPF Type

강제 재생 방식 DPF 내부의 온도 분포 특성에 관한 수치해석

  • 박성천 (서울과학기술대학교 자동차공학과 내연기관/연소실험실) ;
  • 이한성 (동주대학 자동차튜닝과)
  • Received : 2011.05.10
  • Accepted : 2011.06.15
  • Published : 2011.06.30


This study analyzed on the characteristics of temperature distribution in an active regeneration DPF using computer simulation. In order to verify the boundary condition of analysis, results of temperature distribution in DPF are compared between experimental and computer simulation. Using this boundary condition, temperature distribution and filter's durability in DPF analyzed according to various operating conditions. The results of computational analysis are agreed well with experimental ones from the tendency of temperature distribution of axis and radius direction. The temperature increases and the axial temperature gradients in DPF according to velocity of exhaust gas are lowered as the high velocity of exhaust gas. But the temperature gradients of radius direction at exit side in DPF are grown as the high velocity of exhaust gas. The results according to inlet temperature of exhaust gas show that the increase ratios of temperature in DPF are grown as the high temperature of exhaust gas.