Dried Sugarcane Press Residue as a Potential Feed Ingredient Source of Nutrients for Poultry

  • Suresh, B.N. (Department of Animal Nutrition, Veterinary College, KVAFSU) ;
  • Reddy, B.S.V. (Department of Animal Nutrition, Veterinary College, KVAFSU)
  • Received : 2011.02.26
  • Accepted : 2011.05.23
  • Published : 2011.11.01


Sugarcane press residue (SPR), a byproduct from the sugar industry was evaluated for it's nutrient and energetic quality in broilers and layers. The composition of SPR included (% DM): CP-11.76 (methionine-2.21, cystine-1.05, lysine-4.85, threonine-5.48% of CP), EE-7.87 (palmitic acid-30.3, stearic acid-4.1, oleic aicd-17.2, linoleic acid-38.0, linolenic acid-5.4% of EE), CF-10.08, TA-21.08 (Ca-3.87, P-1.10, Mg-0.95%, Fe-3500, Mn-284, Zn-113, Cu-61.5, Co-5.0 ppm and AIA-4.93%) and NFE-48.35% indicating that SPR is a valuable source of both organic and inorganic nutrients for poultry. The metabolic trials revealed the average ME of SPR as 749, 842 and 1,270 kcal/kg, respectively in broilers and 844, 936 and 1,031 kcal/kg in layers, at 10, 20 and 30% inclusion levels, respectively. Further, the fortification of SPR incorporated diets with biotechnological products viz., lipid utilizing agents (lipase and lecithin) or NSP degrading enzymes and their combination did not improve the ME content of such diets.


Sugarcane Press Residue;Chemical Composition;Metabolizable Energy;Poultry


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