Design and Performance Evaluation of OFDM-Based Low Power Communication System

OFDM 기반 저전력 통신 시스템 설계와 성능 평가

  • Published : 2011.10.31


The low power consumption modulation is required for short range communication. In this paper, we analyze performance of low power consumption modulation scheme such as PSPM, PSSK and QAPM using OFDM transmission in AWGN channel. A PSPM, PSSK and QAPM modulation scheme are decrease in bandwidth efficiency but improved power efficiency than existing PSK and QAM. These modulation schemes can achieve power efficiency because every symbol of modulations has a zero-envelope period like PPM techniques. The OFDM system is high bandwidth efficiency than single carrier system. In this paper, we are propose the frequency domain mapping method for OFDM transmission using low power consumption modulation method. Also, we compare low power OFDM communication system regard to BER performance, throughput and PAPR.


PSPM;PSSK;QAPM;Power Efficiency;Bandwidth Efficiency;Throughput


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