Adjustment of Stereoscopic Camera's Optical Axis Distance Considering Human Stereopsis Characteristics

인간의 입체시 특성을 고려한 입체 카메라의 광축 간격 조절

  • 형세찬 (중앙대학교 첨단영상대학원 영상학과) ;
  • 전국진 (중앙대학교 첨단영상대학원 영상학과) ;
  • 하동환 (중앙대학교 첨단영상대학원 영상학과)
  • Received : 2010.12.27
  • Accepted : 2011.01.20
  • Published : 2011.05.28


Recently, the infrastructure of stereoscopy is growing fast. Though, the stereoscopy producing capacity is insufficient to meet the demand of the market. Because, at the moment most people who produce the stereoscopy are skilled for the two-dimensional images. So the characteristics of the human stereopsis and stereoscopic cameras are not well considered, it occurs many problems to the viewer. According to this, we studied about the optical axis distance adjustment of stereoscopic camera considering size perception in human stereopsis. First, we measured the area of the object in the image which depends on the optical axis distance. Second, based on the output of first experiment, we conducted a survey and figured out that if we keep the optical axis distance between 3.9cm to 130cm, it wouldn't occur any size perception and will be possible to produce high quality stereoscopy.


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