A Study on the Revitalizing Community through Corporate Community Investment: In Case of 1 Company - 1 Village Campaign

농촌지역활성화를 위한 기업의 지역사회투자활동과 중간지원조직의 역할: 농촌사랑국민운동본부의 1사1촌 운동을 사례로

  • Kim, Jae-Hyun (Department of Environmental Science, Konkuk University) ;
  • Chang, Chu-Youn (Department of Environmental Science, Konkuk Graduate School) ;
  • Lee, Hyo-Jung (Department of Environmental Science, Konkuk Graduate School)
  • Received : 2011.05.02
  • Accepted : 2011.06.10
  • Published : 2011.06.30


The purpose of this study is to investigate exchange between companies and rural communities in 1 company - 1 village campaign and assess functions of NACF(National Agricultural Cooperative Federation)'s 'I Farm Love' as intermediary organization. The result shows that Korea companies participated in 1 company - 1 village campaign to understand rural area and revitalize economic condition in rural community. Most of exchange programs are volunteer works and direct dealing of farm products. The functions of NACF was highly assessed as an informant and intermediary. However establishing networks or promoting exchanges between corporation and rural village were low assessed. It is necessary of NACF to make up for advanced mediation and intermediary between rural villages and companies so that 1 company - 1 village campaign become corporate community investment. Moreover functions to develop programs suited characteristic of companies and set up networks of multi-stakeholders are needed.


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