Intellectual Structure and Infrastructure of Informetrics: Domain Analysis from 2001 to 2010

계량정보학의 지적구조 분석 연구: 2001-2010년 연구영역 분석

Lee, Jae-Yun;Choi, Sang-Hee

  • Received : 2011.05.17
  • Accepted : 2011.06.12
  • Published : 2011.06.30


Since the 1990s, informetrics has grown in popularity among information scientists. Today it is a general discipline that comprises all kinds of metrics, including bibliometrics and scientometrics. To illustrate the dynamic progress of this field, this study aims to identify the structure and infrastructure of the informetrics literature using statistical and profiling methods. Informetrics literature was obtained from the Web of Knowledge for the years 2001-2010. The selected articles contain least one of these keywords: informetrics', bibliometrics', scientometrics', webometrics', and citation analysis.' Noteworthy publication patterns of major countries were identified by a statistical method. Intellectual structure analysis shows major research areas, authors, and journals.


informetrics;intellectual structure;keywords profiling;journal profiling;author profiling


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