A Reference Study on Archives and Records Management in the Journal of the Korean Society of Archives and Records Management during the Period of 2001-2010

국내 기록관리학 연구자들의 인용행태 분석 - 『한국기록관리학회지』(2001년-2010년)를 중심으로 -

  • 정연경 (이화여자대학교 사회과학대학 문헌정보학)
  • Received : 2011.04.13
  • Accepted : 2011.05.16
  • Published : 2011.05.30


The purpose of this study is to investigate a trend of citing behavior, characteristics and changes in the field of archives and records management in Korea. This study analyzed the subject of each citing and cited reference that appeared in the Journal of the Korean Society of Archives and Records Management during the period, 2001-2010. One hundred and seventy one research articles were analyzed by keyword, language, and research collaboration. Three thousand and eight hundred and ninety three cited references were analyzed by type of material, language, country of publication, research collaboration, citing age and the most frequently cited literature. Finally, those results of source literature and cited references were compared with each other and a better direction for the future of the field with further studies was suggested.


Archives and Records Management;Source Literature;Cited References;Citation Analysis;Journal of the Korean Society of Archives and Records Management;Research Collaboration;Citing Age


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