Synthesis and Electrochemical Characterization of Reduced Graphene Oxide-Manganese Oxide Nanocomposites

  • Lee, Yu-Ri (Center for Intelligent Nano-Bio Materials (CINBM), Department of Chemistry and Nano Sciences, Ewha Womans University) ;
  • Song, Min-Sun (Center for Intelligent Nano-Bio Materials (CINBM), Department of Chemistry and Nano Sciences, Ewha Womans University) ;
  • Lee, Kyung-Min (Center for Intelligent Nano-Bio Materials (CINBM), Department of Chemistry and Nano Sciences, Ewha Womans University) ;
  • Kim, In-Young (Center for Intelligent Nano-Bio Materials (CINBM), Department of Chemistry and Nano Sciences, Ewha Womans University) ;
  • Hwang, Seong-Ju (Center for Intelligent Nano-Bio Materials (CINBM), Department of Chemistry and Nano Sciences, Ewha Womans University)
  • Received : 2010.12.11
  • Accepted : 2011.03.22
  • Published : 2011.03.31


Nanocomposites of reduced graphene oxide and manganese (II,III) oxide can be synthesized by the freeze-drying process of the mixed colloidal suspension of graphene oxide and manganese oxide, and the subsequent heat-treatment. The calcined reduced graphene oxide-manganese (II,III) oxide nanocomposites are X-ray amorphous, suggesting the formation of homogeneous and disordered mixture without any phase separation. The reduction of graphene oxide to reduced graphene oxide upon the heat-treatment is evidenced by Fourier-transformed infrared spectroscopy. Field emission-scanning electronic microscopy and energy dispersive spectrometry clearly demonstrate the formation of porous structure by the house-of-cards type stacking of reduced graphene oxide nanosheets and the homogeneous distribution of manganese ions in the nanocomposites. According to Mn K-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy, manganese ions in the calcined nanocomposites are stabilized in octahedral symmetry with mixed Mn oxidation state of Mn(II)/Mn(III). The present reduced graphene oxide-manganese oxide nanocomposites show characteristic pseudocapacitance behavior superior to the pristine manganese oxide, suggesting their applicability as electrode material for supercapacitors.


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