Effects of Average Power on Laser Cladding of Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloy on Al 1050 Alloy

Al 1050 합금에 과공정 Al-Si 합금의 레이저 클래딩에서 평균출력의 영향에 대한 연구

  • Received : 2011.01.11
  • Accepted : 2011.04.15
  • Published : 2011.04.30


This study produced hypereutectic Al-Si clad layer on 1050 Al alloy by a novel laser cladding method. Pure Si powder was mixed with organic binder to make fluid paste which could be screen-printed on the 1050 Al alloy plate. Pulsed Nd:YAG laser was irradiated on the Si paste layer to melt and alloy with Al substrate. Different laser power of 99 W, 179 W and 261 W, was used to see the difference of the microstructure, composition and hardness of the clad layers. When laser power of 179 W was used, the clad layer had overall Si content of 38wt% and composed of fine primary Si particles and fine eutectic phase. At laser power of 261 W, the clad layer had overall Si content of 24wt% and composed of mainly fine eutectic phase. Vickers hardness of HV176.7 and HV150.3 on the clad layer was obtained at laser power of 179 W and 261 W, respectively.


Pulsed laser;Cladding;Hypereutectic Al-Si alloy;Microstructures;Vickers hardness


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