Determinants of the adoption of new equipment at the individual level within an organization

  • Received : 2011.01.06
  • Accepted : 2011.02.03
  • Published : 2011.02.28


The purpose of this study is to develop a new equipment acceptance model in the industrial market and test it empirically using a field survey. To define new equipment acceptance factors of employees in the organization, we used the TAM as a useful model to analyze the acceptance process of new equipment. All of the data for the TAM were collected from the employees. Prior research studied the usage of general information technology using a computer and particular software, while we apply the TAM to the new equipment adoption. In this study, both theoretical review and empirical study were conducted and the model was set through the theoretical study which was tested through the empirical analysis. Management support and training/education were shown to have a positive effect on PU and PEOU. Personal innovativeness, management support, perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use were shown to have a positive effect on behavioral intention.