Comparative Study of Stator Core Composition in Transverse Flux Rotary Machine

  • Lee, Ji-Young (Dept. of Electric Motor Research Center, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute) ;
  • Moon, Seung-Ryul (Dept. of Electric Motor Research Center, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute) ;
  • Koo, Dae-Hyun (Dept. of Electric Motor Research Center, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute) ;
  • Kang, Do-Hyun (Dept. of Electric Motor Research Center, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute) ;
  • Lee, Geun-Ho (Dept. of Automotive Engineering, Kookmin University) ;
  • Hong, Jung-Pyo (Dept. of Automotive Engineering, Hanyang University)
  • 투고 : 2010.04.23
  • 심사 : 2010.12.15
  • 발행 : 2011.05.02


This paper deals with the comparison of magnetic characteristics in transverse flux rotary machine according to different stator core composition with the same rotor. Three different stator designs are considered in the analysis according to the material composition of inner and outer stator cores. Electromotive force (EMF), inductance, torque, and core losses are calculated by threedimensional finite element analysis. Calculated and measured results of back-EMF according to the analysis models in dependency on speed are presented.


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